This Week I Learned: 2022W32

Mon Aug 15 2022

Database - MySQL - Count

At least for MySQL (not sure for Postgres), using COUNT(*) is always preferrable to COUNT(id) in terms of performance. Very interesting article here from Aaron Francis.

Javascript - React - Solid

SolidJS looks a lot like ReactJS but is more efficient and probably simpler to use since it’s truely reactive (the value is updated and not the whole component). Sounds really interesting. On the other hand it it doesn’t look as mature as React. I guess the caveat is that you don’t have frameworks like NextJS yet. There is the Solid Start project, but it’s still very experimental.


I just read the term BREAD (Browse - Read - Edit - Add - Delete) instead of CRUD (Create - Read - Update - Delete) in this article from Paul M. Jones. The advantage of the former is the distinction between browsing (listing elements) and reading (fetching the detail of an element/resource).

Data transmission over the wire

CBOR and MessagePack are two self-describing (as JSON is) binary transmission formats. On the other hand Protobuf is not self-describing (one needs the protobuf schema to unserialize it).