I released my first book, From PHP to Python: A Straight-to-the-Point Guide in May 2023.

The cover of my book From PHP to Python

It’s the best shortcut to learn Python if you already know PHP. It was written with senior PHP developers in mind. After reading the book you will be able to write Python code, write tests, learn a Python web framework like Django, and contribute to Python open-source projects.

The approach

Where can I buy it?

The book is available on Gumroad in PDF and ePub, and on Amazon in Kindle version.

To be honest, you have all the reasons to buy it on Gumroad because you will get the PDF and ePub versions which are cleaner. Also, I activated the Purchasing Power Parity feature there so there are chances you can buy it cheaper, and I earn more on Gumroad than on Amazon.

Table of contents