This Week I Learned: 2022W38

Tue Sep 27 2022

Nothing special during Week 37 (not really into computers right now… a lot of bouldering and photography instead, which is nice too!).

Cron - Mysql

Mysql has a native event system which can be quite useful if you want to update something on your database without using some cron and backend logic. You will have to use the pg_cron extension if you want the same behavior on Postgres. Thanks Olivier for this discovery!

PHP - Migrations

Most web frameworks have their own migration tool (Laravel, Symfony, Django…). Phinx is a PHP framework agnostic migration tool. Looks quite interesting and can be useful if you are working on an old project with no framework.

Python - Equality

Python supports multiple equality comparison whereas PHP doesn’t.


1.0 == 1 == 1.00 # True


# Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected token "==" in php shell code on line 1
1.0 == 1 == 1.00;