This Week I Learned: 2022W48

Tue Dec 06 2022


The major time spent in an SQL response from a database server is networking. This is why reducing the number of requests is important when using MySQL or Postgres, and why it matters way less when using a filebased database like sqlite.

See this great article to understand more.

Thanks Olivier for this info.


NewSQL is a term coined to designate all the new distributed SQL databases like CockroachDB or SingleStore.

Composer - PHP

To get the tree of dependencies on a project you can use composer show -t.

A capture of what "composer show -t" looks like

You can also specify a root package with composer show -t <name/of-the-package>.

PHP - DateInterval

In the DateInterval object, the days property will be false if the DateInterval was created manually (like new \DateInterval('P1Y')) but will contain the int representing the number of days if created through a $dt1->diff($dt2) method.

See the documentation here .


I discovered randomly the color rebeccapurple in CSS.

It’s a tribute to the 6yo daughter of Eric Meyer (a maintainer of CSS standards), who died of a brain cancer.

You can learn more about this story here .

Meyer has a blog where he writes about his loss, in an incredibly moving way. Be warned, it’s incredibly sad. You can read in particular this short article: ” So many nevers “.