This Week I Learned: 2023W04

Wed Feb 01 2023


I talked last week about PXP , a PHP Superset written in Rust. It seems another competitor is Ara . Also written in Rust, also a Superset. It seems less advanced, but I will also keep an eye on it.


I didn’t catch this information but, in PHP 7.4, appeared an underscore numeric separator .

This means these lines of code are equivalent (the same feature already existed in Python):

$a = 1_234_567;
$b = 1234567;

$a === $b; // true


I discovered the :is pseudo-class in CSS. Quite convenient.

These are equivalent:

is(.cls-1, .cls-2, .cls-3) p {
  color: teal;

.cls-1 p,
.cls-2 p,
.cls-3 p {
  color: teal;

Found here .


Astro 2.0 is out . It introduces type safety for Markdown and MDX files , which sounds quite exciting. I have not migrated this blog to the new version yet, but I will do it soon.


I discovered Kodezi , an AI tool acting like Grammarly but for code. It can explain what your code does, translate it into another language, and optimize it. Didn’t try it yet. It has a personal Web IDE or a VS Code extension.