This Week I Learned: 2023W06

Mon Feb 20 2023

Two weeks have been missing. So many things happened in the meantime, and I didn’t have the time to keep this blog up to date.

In particular, I decided to cancel the contract with my publisher to publish my book by myself. Should be out in a few weeks.


I discovered the Lighthouse Laravel package allowing to use GraphQL in a schema first way. Just tried a few things with it but it’s quite impressive.


I still don’t understand this black magic, but damn. People are doing crazy things now.

Carbonyl allows to run Chromium in a terminal… this is super impressive. It’s easily testable through Docker.


One thing I have always missed in PHP is an equivalent of Python’s zip , allowing to loop on multiple iterables at the same time. Seems like it actually exists somehow: the array_map function allows to give null as the first parameter instead of the callback.

$countries = ['France', 'Germany', 'Italy'];
$capitals = ['Paris', 'Berlin', 'Rome'];

foreach (array_map(null, $countries, $capitals) as [$country, $capital]) {
    var_dump($country, $capital);

If one array is longer than the other one, then the missing values will be null.

JSON Resume

JSON Resume is a nice project trying to create a standard for resumes in JSON. I like the idea. You have different themes provided by the community and even a CLI to create resumes and a way to import your LinkedIn profile.