This Week I Learned: 2023W09

Wed Mar 08 2023


Crul is a product allowing you to easily crawl websites and manipulate the extracted data. Didn’t try it but it seems like a paying product (free for now?) available on Mac OS and Docker.

Will keep an eye on it cause I like the idea and the syntax.


In this discussion where a contributor of Pyston suggests integrating their JIT to CPython, I discovered the existence of Pyston itself.

It focuses on the simplicity of use (it should be really easy to replace CPython with Pyston) to easily drastically improve performance, and it even provides a lite version that doesn’t replace CPython but adds a dependency through pip or conda.


HackerFM is a daily podcast talking about tech. Its particularity? It’s written and hosted by an AI. Some episodes talk about AI itself.

I guess the future is now (and creepy).

Learn Prompting

Learn Prompting is a free website teaching you how to write better prompts when interacting with an AI (whether it’s ChatGPT or an illustration AI like MidJourney).