This Week I Learned: 2023W13

Tue Apr 04 2023

Python - Pyvibe

Pyvibe allows to create web components just from Python code. It seems super easy to use.

For now only a default theme is supported but there should be more soon.


JSON5 is a language that can be compiled to JSON and allows for a more human readable/editable syntax (comments, trailing commas…). It has been adopted by Chromium or NextJS, and has 6k stars on GitHub.

HJSON (for Human JSON) is another project in the same style but it seems less known (2.5k stars on GitHub).

Neovim - Impatient

Impatient is a Neovim plugin improving the start-up time. But… since my Vim start-up is almost instant (despite aaaall my plugins), I don’t really understand the advantage.

The benchmark in the README was quite funny.

Before: 54.337ms. After: 6.357ms.

The difference is impressive (in terms of magnitude) but… Well. I tried it, and (surprisingly) I did not see any difference. But if you have 200 hundred more plugins than I have, maybe it could be useful to you.